Our Products

As an independent lab we are able to offer an unbiased range of lenses from most brand name suppliers.

Lens ordering

Lens orders can be placed over the phone,sent by mail or via our 24hr fax order line.

Single Vision

We have a range of 60 & 65mm CR39 stock lenses. Smaller or larger lenses are produced in our lab using our free pre-cal service to produce the neatest lenses possible.

We also have a stock of 65mm glass lenses and are one of the few labs that still produce glass lenses in our own lab


We supply all brands of varifocals giving a wide choice to our customers and a better chance of the most suitable for your patient.

We also have our own brand varifocal, the Zenith that is proving very popular  due to it’s excellent optical quality and the unbeatable price.

Photocromic lenses are available in single vision, Bifocal + Varifocal in glass and CR39. We supply Transition, Sunsensor and respond lenses.


Kodak prescription polarised lenses in grey or brown for single vision  FT28 and varifocal.

We also supply drivewear lenses that are polarised transitoins.

All-in packages

we offer a range of frames from international eyewear lazer and lazer junior and ridgeway optical on our all-in glazing service with all types of lenses from single vision,bifocals Hi-index to varifocals.

Hawke sport optics and deben outdoor products

We now stock hawke sport binoculars,spotting scopes and pro stalk nature cameras and will soon have a stock of deben field sport accessories in stock i.e. rifle scopes, lamps and shooting glasses as well as many more field sport accessories. call now for more details.

Barnsley Optical
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