We offer a full glazing service including rimless & supras surfacing of glass & CR39 Lenses,  frame repairs, tinting of CR39 lenses, supply uncut lenses and a cut edge & fit service for customers own lenses. We also offer a choice of royal mail or courier for delivery.

Lens ordering

Lens orders can be placed by phone or by our 24 hour 365 days a year dedicated fax line.

Lens Surfacing

In 1981 we developed a computer program for calculating CR39 glass & glass lenses. This set the path we have followed ever since producing lower base thinner lenses with the continued benefit of on site tool cutting.Our surfacing lab produces both plastic & glass lenses. All lenses are calculated by computer and examined by experienced technicians throughout the process to ensure the best end product possible both cosmetic & quality wise.

Lens edging

Lens edging is carried out on indo speeds. All our technicians are experienced enough to hand finish lenses to remove sharp edges & all lenses are polished and chamfered when necessary, giving a better appearance and allowing pads to be correctly placed during dispensing.

All in Glazing

We offer all-in glazing on Ridgeway optical, international eyewear Lazer, ferucci and visage frames.

Coating & Tinting

CR39 Lenses are tinted on site including UV400. Hmar coatings can be applied to all lenses, For other troublesome mar coatings we have the facility to remove them.

Shooting spectacle lenses

We are well known for providing lenses for Hi scorer, De-cott and most other shooting glasses with a full range of colours in both CR39 and Trivex shatterproof lens material.

Hawke sport optics

We can now supply the hawke sport optics range of binoculars, spotting scopes,digi-scoping and nature cameras for remote auto photography.

Barnsley Optical
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